New York Public Library

At mecanoo architects I worked on various projects, but most of my time I spent on the Key Worker Housing for the University of Cambridge and the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library. Below I show an impression of my contribution to the designs for the library.


Info desks Astor Hall

20170317_Simone Op den Kamp_portfolio_print version_total-25.jpgThe info and security desks for Astor Hall, the main entrance of SASB, were realized before the start of the Midtown Campus Renovation. The shapes of the desks follow the movements in the entrance hall. For the materialization different options were made. The bronze front was chosen for the coherency with the bronze doors and chandeliers. The lamp is an original from one of the reading tables. Ornament is used, though in an abstract way, because it is one of the main characteristics of the building.20170317_Simone Op den Kamp_portfolio_print version_total-25b

Center for Research and Learning

The center for research and learning will welcome groups of students to the library and introduce them to what the library has to offer. The design of the center and the new entrance at 40th street will follow the logic of the Beaux-Arts building. The corridor and welcoming center are seen as an extension of the exterior, while classrooms are intimate, surrounded by books and warm materials. The flexible use of spaces is always taken into consideration.

3d axo - education center-2-colored-ill (people)-v3Have a look at mecanoo’s website for the latest updates on this project.