Key Worker Housing, University of Cambridge

At mecanoo architects I worked on various projects, but most of my time I spent on the Key Worker Housing for the University of Cambridge and the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library. Below I show an impression of my contribution to the university housing.

Color Study

The color study for the corridors and curtains along galleries is based on the color palette of the flowers in the courtyards. The use of colors is proposed in the corridors for a clear identity and way-finding. Daylight enters from above through lanterns, which means that the upper floors receive more light than the lower ones. This is why darker colors are applied on the upper floors, and lighter colors on the lower floors.

galleryThe curtains along the galleries follow the same color palette, but in horizontal direction. This emphasizes the embracing of the courtyards by the galleries.references

Technical Drawings

Next to working on design proposals, I made sure that the apartment layouts would comply with regulations such as Lifetime Homes and Code for Sustainable Homes. I worked on detailed kitchen, bathroom and fixed furniture drawings, but also on the setting out of natural stone in the facades, or details of different floor build-ups. I learned to continuously zoom in and out on the project, because at this stage every change – however small it seemed – effected drawings on multiple scales.

C01 Waste Management, Acces and Cycle Storage-1


Have a look at mecanoo’s website for the latest updates on this project.