Kunstwerf Groningen


Welcome to Kunstwerf Groningen: a creative factory in which multiple art forms are constantly making every effort to create something beautiful together!

The building will be used intensively for the often physical rehearsals of different cultural companies. The rooms will stand on their own to prevent nuisance from each other. A light wooden frame construction provides stability and low costs, and the simple finishing of robust materials is maintained easily. Within this neutral canvas all kinds of decors and atmosphere can be made. The rooms are located on one main axis through which the materials are transported, and can easily be moved from one room to another.

Theater, dance and music
Each group will rehearse separately and has specific needs. The rooms will therefore have their own identity with characteristics, techniques and materials that match the art form. To stimulate cooperation we propose a compact plan in which the four large rooms are clustered above and next to each other, with the supporting functions between them. Along the main axis there are meeting places, and on the west facade elongated balconies will make it possible to open up to the outside space on a beautiful summer day. The dance hall can be opened to the terrace, which stimulates spontaneous performances and an informal introduction to the cultural cluster.

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From gas to electricity to sustainably generated energy… The Kunstwerf will consume a lot of electricity. Besides ventilation and clean air are of great importance. The building must breathe. The technologies that provide this are given an architectural form: a tower with solar cells, a solar chimney and a green wall. Natural materials will be used for the finishes.

The Kunstwerf becomes the landmark of the Ebbingekwartier at the new public transport hub. It forms the beginning of the soul’s route and refers in a contemporary way to the historical elements of the factories. The new building will complement the machine factory and the houses in materialization and color palette. It forms a tight canvas that makes the adjacent buildings even more attractive. The Kunstwerf enters into a relationship with the immediate surroundings: the tower marks the entrance, the green wall forms a natural border for the gardens, and the dance hall opens to the terrace of the villa, where a restaurant could be established. This way the architecture itself can be seen as a mis-and-scène.

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