Think of a place that fascinates you. Is it a natural or a built environment? What is it that makes this place so intriguing? What makes you want to go back? Imagine a world in which our everyday environment would have those qualities. Healthy and connecting places full of wonder; that is what I want to create with my work.

I am a young architect, soon starting my own office. During my studies and work I have always been interested in the effect of the environment on our well-being. Considering this is a central aspect in my designs. I feel very responsible for the way users and passers-by will experience a building or public space. My own sensitivity helps me to observe and analyze our surroundings, and my inspiration often comes from nature and art.

My approach is very open-minded and sincere. I am a good listener and love to discuss and collaborate with anyone that wants to make this world a better place. With my designs I try to find a balance between harmony and wonder, simplicity and radiance. My proposals are thought out, always related to their context in space and time, and sustainable for their timelessness.

Feel free to get in touch if you are interested. I am always looking forward to new adventures!